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Burn Free
Burn Free

Burn Free

Treatment of burns and scalds

BurnFree is a complete line for treating burns and scalds. BurnFree gel is an innovative totally waterproof high-viscosity water-based gel containing natural extract of Maleuca leaves, or Tea Tree Oil.
It provides instant pain relief, helps prevent the burn from extending and reduces the possibility of infections. The anti-evaporative agents contained in the gel ensure it remains viscous and effective.


The range contains packs suitable for all uses: for the home treatment of minor burns, abrasions and scratches with 0.9 g and 3.5 g sachets, 45 ml and 59 ml bottles and sprays, and 5x5 cm gauzes; for more serious burns with various sizes of gel gauzes up to 30x30 cm and 75 ml and 118 ml bottles and sprays; for life-threatening major burns with gel blankets which also offer effective protection from the smoke given off by fires.