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Classic Medication Plasters


Description: Adhesive non-woven porous plaster

Composition: 100% viscose, one side covered in adhesive paste

Applications: Adhesive surgical tape


Description: Pervious transparent plaster.

Composition: 100% polyethylene, one side covered in adhesive paste

Applications: Adhesive surgical tape

Properties: Easy to tear both lengthways and crossways; easy to remove without leaving residues on the skin.


Silk adhesive plaster

Characteristics: Adhesive tape, Smooth or serrated edges, one side covered in adhesive paste

Composition: 100% acetate silk

Description: Surgical adhesive tape in acetate silk, easy to tear, covered in a hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive paste

Indications: Fixing medications, needles, tubes and catheters on sensitive skin


Adhesive fabric plaster

Advantages: Hypoallergenic, Smooth edges, Tearable, Pervious to air, Shapeable and Flexible.

Composition: 100% Viscose

Description: Porous adhesive fabric plaster uniformly covered in adhesive paste.

Indications: Suitable for fixing medications, needles, tubes and catheters.


Description: Non-elastic sports plaster, easy to tear both lengthways and crossways. Non-sterile, for external application

Composition: White non-elastic fabric, adhesive paste with zinc oxide and natural and synthetic caoutchouc, central cardboard roll

Properties: Lenotape features an elevated adhesive force which makes it suitable for functional bandaging and sports taping, very easy to roll up, tears easily, simple to use. Disposable product

Applications: Functional bandaging and sports taping

Precautions: Contains natural caoutchouc, not recommended for direct application on the skin of patients allergic to natural caoutchouc or latex. 




Description: SCANSPORT is a rigid self-adhesive tape for medication and the prevention of injuries.

Composition: impregnated-Rayon, adhesive paste with on zinc oxide

Applications: SCANSPORT provides:

1.Strength/support to the ligaments, muscles and tendons as it reduces effort

2. Self-reference effect. The skin and muscles are stimulated by the tape, generating a curative effect. Therefore, SCANSPORT gives security through psychological support.

Properties: SCANSPORT features the following properties:
- Adheres perfectly, even in areas subject to strain and tension
- Hardwearing and provides excellent support in all directions
- Covered with adhesive that does not damage the skin
- Tearable both lengthways and crossways; the zigzag edges facilitate tearing – also in the last section
- Easy to remove without leaving residues on the skin
- The whole roll can be used thanks to the even unrolling process, also during the last few metres
- The rounded central edges make it easy to apply
- The material is waterproof

Keep the tape in a dry place far away from heat sources. If exposed to heat, the adhesive may rise to the surface and make the tape difficult to use.

For perfect adherence, the skin must be dry. (This holds true for all adhesives).



Plaster in NWF

Description:Plaster in NWF, high breathability, for fixing medications used as a mechanical barrier for compression and absorption of exuded substances.

Also ideal for fixing long-term catheters.

Plaster for medication in non-woven fabric available in various sizes:

– 5 cm x 10 m – 10 cm x 10 m
– 15 cm x 10 m – 20 cm x 10 m



Sterile Adhesive Plaster

Ready-to-use self-adhesive plaster used as a mechanical barrier for compression and absorption of exuded substances.

High absorption layer for removing the exuded substances. Waterproof layer in both directions. Non-stick layer in contact with the injury.

Sterile adhesive plaster available in various sizes:
5 cm x 7.2 m – 10 cm x 9 m – 15 cm x 9 m – 20 cm x 9 m – 25 cm x 9 m -30 cm x 9 m